Since 1940

Melegari Manghi S.r.l.'s current position of World Leader for the production of filling machines dates back to 1942, when the company founder, Ennio Manghi, produced the first tomato processing system in the world, made completely in stainless steel.The clear characteristics of creativity and ingeniousness, the personal qualities of the founder, which are today more fundamental than ever in all the Melegari Manghi components, quickly led to the production of a range of machines, which stand out for their production values and their continuous innovation, firstly for the Italian market and then in Spain (the first Spanish branch of the company was opened in 1968) and across Europe, reaching a consolidated presence on the international market.


Many factors lie behind the evolution of the company: in particular, the excellent engineering skills and the strong creativity in each person actively involved in the production cycle, from design analysis to the production of every single component, contributing to the creation of machines with the highest technological quality, which fully meet the specific requirements of each client.
The high levels of competency and professionalism among the staff, who receive internal company training as well as external training by the most highly qualified bodies, allow for constant evolution and a level of specialisation that confirms the company's role as sector leader.


Melegari Manghi 's "commercial liveliness", shown by the brand presence in more than 30 countries across the world, bears witness to the reliability and highest quality of the products and the company (which holds ISO9001 and Futura Vision2008 certifications). The numerous patents, linked to the production of as many new machines, confirm the dynamism and flexibility that allow Melegari Manghi to design and install filling systems from 3,000 to 80,000 bottles/hour and filling lines for up to 30,000 bottles/hour, ensuring the same level of quality for each system.


The main company objectives are based on a solid and structured presence that can offer differentiated services, from technical consulting to collaborate with the customer in the choice of product, through the management of a flexible design system able to offer innovative and personalised solutions for every single system, to the guarantee of excellent technical assistance during installation and commissioning. With its development programme that responds to the demands of the market, over the past few years the company has also increased its worldwide network of specialised, continuously trained technicians, who are able to provide consultancy, information and spare parts, directly lined to the Italian headquarters.